Top 5 ways to stay anonymous while online

There is a lot of talk about the methods to stay safe while browsing the internet. Ask 100 people, and everyone will say something different, but the one thing that will be common in all their answers is: Use a proxy or VPN.

Now as we all know, not all VPN’s are a secure one. Different logging policies, locations, owners. All of these are possible reasons a VPN might not be a secure option, but thats for another day. Today I want to talk about the top 10 ways we recommend people follow to stay anonymous while online.

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How to set up IntroVPN for MacOS

Setting up IntroVPN for MacOS is slightly different than the others, but is mostly similar to using the default OpenVPN Client. Below are instructions on how to set up IntroVPN on MacOS.

Installing Tunnelblick

In order to connect to our VPN on a Mac OS system, requires software to connect to an OpenVPN server. We recommend Tunnelblick as it is simple to use, and has many tutorials on advance configuration online for those who want to. Continue reading “How to set up IntroVPN for MacOS”

Hello Word

Well this is our first blog post! Let me give everyone a little information about what will happen here!

Well first off let me introduce myself. My name is Tyler, and I am in school, work with IntroVPN, and work full time! Its a lot of work and I won’t lie, I don’t get much sleep… I am very self-driven and hate not doing something. I am a workaholic (along with the above jobs and all, I also work on 2 other side projects) so I am usually very stressed. I live in the USA by the way as well.

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